Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What to expect for hiring a fresh java engineer?

I was in the process of hiring fresh java candidates for my team. During the process most of the time the guy who could answer well in technical personal/phone interview could not do well in the written test. And who did average in personal/phone interview was able to score better in the written test.

Should I have to go with the my intuition or should I have to follow what was put on the paper? Still haven't found the answer. After a deep thought I came up with few points to consider while hiring a fresh java engineer.
  1. Do not even ask questions from what he doesn't know. (JavaAPI is big and can not expect any one to remember each and every class and methods of it.)
  2. Instead find that he really understands what he knows or is he a book worm.
  3. Ask yourself whether he/she can fit well into my team and can he/she get the work done.
  4. Look whether the candidate is good at problem solving. Programming is all about problem solving so give a business problem and try to check how solves it.
  5. Does he has a good communication, grasping and able to explain the concepts which he knows well.
  6. Does he/she loves programming or he wants a job desperately.
I am sure I have left lot of other aspects to be considered, but still the above 6 looks very important to me. What are your thoughts?

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