Tuesday, September 1, 2009

P6Spy Open Source Framework to detect database performance bottlenecks in Java applications

What is P6Spy?
P6Spy is an open source framework for applications that intercept and optionally modify database statements. The P6Spy distribution includes the following modules:
  1. P6Log. P6Log intercepts and logs the database statements of any application that uses JDBC. This application is particularly useful for developers to monitor the SQL statements produced by EJB servers, enabling the developer to write code that achieves maximum efficiency on the server. P6Spy is designed to be installed in minutes and requires no code changes.
  2. P6Outage. P6Outage detects long-running statements that may be indicative of a database outage proble and will log any statement that surpasses the configurable time boundary during its execution. P6Outage was designed to minimize any logging performance penalty by logging only long running statements.
P6Spy includes installation instructions for JBoss, ATG, Orion, JOnAS, iPlanet, WebLogic, WebSphere, Resin and Tomcat.
What if you want it inside your favorite Eclipse IDE?
Don't worry there is an eclipse plugin for you here.


  1. Why P6spy? Is it still developed? Last time I have checked it, there were no news for few years.

    I think that log4jdbc is 'new p6spy'

  2. Hey Artur,
    Thanks for that link. I agree that P6Spy is not active for a while. The reason I choose it because I couldn't find any better open source tools. Does Log4jdbc has options to log only long running statements?
    Ananth Chellathurai

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