Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where does eclipse store recent workspace details

I knew that eclipse creates a .project file for every project that I create. I was trying to bundle my eclipse(I have lot of plugins) for my team. Who ever used it were getting the path of my default workspace which actually will not be available in their machine.

So where does eclipse store this default or recent workspace details?
You can find it under eclipse_home/configuration/.settings/org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs file

How to get Spring Plugin for your Eclipse

Spring IDE

Spring IDE is an eclipse plug-in that helps in developing Spring Application. First we will see how to install the Spring IDE and later we will create our first Spring project using it. I am using Eclipse 3.4.1 version to demonstrate this.

To install Spring IDE, Go to Help -> Software Updates.

Click the "Add Site" button and enter "" in the Add Site popup.

Select all the Spring IDE features and click Install.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Project Management tool

I am in search of a good SDLC tool for my projects. We use agile methodologies for our projects, I would like to share my experience in finding a tool.
Thanks to google which gave me this URL with a good list of tool.
Few free products which I got interested were IceScrum2, Redmine, BananaScrum, Endeavour and AgileFant after a good comparison and study from the list.
Decided to omit redmine as it was developed in ruby rails. Redmine was very impressive and with lot of plugins, but, I am a Java techie and looking for a java based tool.
Played with Endeavor, Main features in endeavour are
Use Cases
Project Plans
Change Requests
Defect Tracking
Test Cases
Test Plans
Document Management
Project Glossary
Project Wiki
Developer Management
Reports (Assignments, Defects, Cumulative Flow)
I was impressed with the features since it had everything mentioned in this comparision
After playing with endoeavour 1.7, I saw the application is still in very early stage. Less downloads in SF, average UI(after all an open source project). The main reason which put me back is the bugs in test plan module.
Playing with agilefant now. A demo version of it is available in this URL. Looks good at this point still have to look into Icescrum and banana scrum before deciding.
Icescrum was a bit jazzy, and I found it hard for usage. Doesn't flow freely. But it looks were cool.
Agilefant has higher searches in google(insights) compared to bananascrum. Leaning towards Agilfant and endeavour now.
Have to decide one from these 2 tools(Agilefant or Endeavour).]
What is your pick out of the two? Or is there something else? If so drop your comments here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

PostgreSQL 8.3.x installation issues in vista(Cluster Initialisation Failed)

I have been trying to install postgresql-8.3.7-1 in y vista laptop. And I faced several issues during installations and I almost got frustrated.

The problem is that Vista has some safety features associated with setting permissions on the Program Files folder. Basically, even if you are an admin, you can’t change permissions on some folders like Program Files and Windows folder itself. This causes initdb to be unable to create some folders and the database cluster. What this means for you is that you need to install PostgreSQL in another folder that is not inside Program Files.

The solution and how to fix this issue can be found in this URL

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open Source Point of Sale

In the process of finding a good open source POS, I found posterita.
For Indian markets I was looking for a POS with bar code, cash, credit card, CSV import, Multiple price lists, discounts. Posterita has all the above mentioned with with cool ajax searches. They have a Saas Version too.
However the documentation was poor, it is a good POS system(Open Source).