Friday, May 3, 2013

Struts 1 reaches End of life

EOL for Struts 1

It has been a great framework since the first release in 2000.  I have used it in many of my projects, but its available no more for enhancements.  :-)

As per Apache there will not be any security fixes as well in the future.  Apache's Announcement has the complete details if you are interested to know further.


  1. Thanks Ananth for this information

  2. Struts1 never ends :)
    Reason :
    you may be thinking of tlds? if yes forget the struts tlds.
    we have bunch of open tlds, you can pick and plug into struts 1. and enjoy with strtus1 ...

    how Struts 1 will reach End of life ?

    1. It never ends for ignorant people. :-)
      If you think your framework does give you only some set of tag libraries, I pity your ignorance. It does more than tag libraries, as time moves the frameworks should make sure to upgrade to avoid being a security victim and much more.

      By the way click on the link I have on my post, its an announcement by Apache and not by Ananth. :-)