Friday, February 17, 2012

Vaadin for Rapid Application Development with cool UI

  • Stunning Web ApplicationsThe look and feel makes a difference. Vaadin comes with great-looking components and many customizable themes.
  • Browser Independent Web ApplicationsBuilt on GWT-based widgets, Vaadin applications provide rich user experience, and they support all Ajax-capable browsers, with no plugins.
  • Rapid Application DevelopmentWith Vaadin, you create web applications in minutes. A few lines of Java code and Vaadin takes care of the rest. No complex XML configurations, no JavaScript, no RPC.
  • Secure Web ApplicationsThe proven server-side architecture ensures that your application code is hidden from the world.
  • Maintainable ApplicationsPure Java gives you the power to build applications that can be easily extended and maintained for years to come.
After trying out few samples, Vaadin looks very promising if you are looking for quick web application development with cool UI. Additionally it has plugins for eclipse supporting drag and drop widgets.

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