Sunday, April 12, 2009

Google Plugin for Eclipse

Google Plugin for Eclipse
The Google Plugin for Eclipse is the fastest way to start developing Google Web Toolkit and App Engine applications, allowing you to go from installing the plugin to deploying an Ajax "Hello World" in a matter of minutes. Simply install the plugin and get started. If you don't have the GWT and App Engine SDKs installed, the plugin can take care of that for you.
The plugin currently supports Google App Engine and Google Web Toolkit development.

New Web Application Wizard
Quickly create web applications that use GWT and/or App Engine. Your new application is fully-configured and ready to go.

Web Application Launch Configurations
Run or debug your web application locally using custom launch configurations.
Google App Engine features

Easy deployment to App Engine
As-you-type validation ensures that your code is compatible with App Engine
Build projects and 'enhance' JDO classes automatically without the need for ANT

Google Web Toolkit features
Recognition of inline JavaScript (JSNI): syntax highlighting, auto-indenting, Java Search and Refactoring integration
GWT compiler shortcuts and configuration UI
Wizards to create entry points, modules and HTML pages
Support for GWT JUnit tests

How to start?

  1. Check out the Quick Start Guide.
  2. For more details, see the User's Guide.

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